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Access with Prepaid Cards

Provide an easy access to the internet for your guest without the use of coins. Use our special Internet Prepaid Cards (timecodes).

These prepaidcards can be sold at any reception or help desk without needing a PC there.

The customers can login at the Internet Terminal at any time by entering the PIN which is in the back side of the card. If the credit is not being used up at one time the customer can logoff and use the card again at a later time.

InterCafe Prepaid Cards

Advantages of using Prepaid-Cards:
Internet Access without coin acceptor (Phone Card Concept)
You receive the finished card directly from us! No work for you at all.
Customer can buy card at regular office hours / desk hours and use it at any
time later (24h Internet Access possible without the need of 24h staff)
The card can be used several times as long as there is credit on the card.
No network needed between sales desk and webterminal
You make your own Tariffs, Happy Hours, Policies etc. by using InterCafe, we
deliver the ready prepaid cards.
Different values (cards with 5,-/ 10,-/ individual value available)
Almost all cards used up? No problem. Call us and we will send you new cards  
Prepaid Cards 5,- / 10,- EUR

   - Prices -
   100 cards:

   500 cards:

1.000 cards:

2.500 cards:

5.000 cards:

EUR  30,- / 0,30 each

EUR 100,- / 0,20 each

EUR 180,- / 0,18 each

EUR 400,- / 0,16 each

EUR 700,- / 0,14 each

blue image Prepaid Cards
blue image Prepaid Card   
Prices: Net + tax
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