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Content Filtering in Internet Cafes

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Are you aware of your responsibilities as Internet cafe owner?

In many countries there are laws that restrict the publication of contents of specific websites even for adults! The following contents are not allowed to be published in Germany:

  • Use of symbols which are against constitution
    (e.g. swastika)

  • Racial Discrimination

  • The denial of the Holocaust

  • Violence glorification (extreme cruelty agains human beings)

  • Pornography involving children, animals or violence

Media with any of this content is not allowed to be published in Germany and anybody who gives access to any kind of this media makes oneself liable to prosecution. To be on the safe side please inform yourself about the regulations in your country.

How can you protect yourself and your customers?


With our WebBlock Content Filter Software we offer a product which helps you to control the surf action in your cafe even if you are not there in person. The software blocks pages with the above mentioned content. With the InterCafe Software you can control for which customers the filter software is active (Children - Adults) and which content is being blocked.

For technical information go to

Try WebBlock software 20 days for FREE: >> Download

Software for Webpage blocking: WebBlock-Software
Some extra tips:

TIP: Don´t forget to check the regulations about age and alcohol if you are also serving drinks in your cafe. In Germany it is necessary to display the Law for the Protection of the Youth!

Be aware of which games you are offering to your customers! Some games are age-restrictet or are not allowed to be played in public....! [more...]

Find more information about Content Filtering Software at
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