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Member Management with Smart Cards

More and more Internet Cafes in Germany and other countries are using smart cards for the member management and member access to the computers. This trend is not only visible in the cyber cafe branch but also in other sectors of the trade and service business.

Advantages of using Smart Cards:

Smart Cards

Customer Retention:
Give VIP-Member Cards to your customers with a special member tariff and they will only come to YOUR internet cafe in future!

Less activity for your staff:
Customer can go directly to any Client-PC and login with chipcard without having to ask for help or attendance at the desk.

Prepaid Credit:
The credit that the customer deposits on his chipcard / memeber account is cash in your till before it is being used.

Always one step ahead:
Be up to date - it´s always good to be a few steps ahead of your competitors. Be there before them! Start using smart cards now! It will become a must in many branches in the future!

Advertising effect:
The customers will show the cards to their family and friends - people will speak about your cafe! Make sure you have good advertising and inviting information on the card. We will print your logo and information on the cards for you!

Special Tariffs and Special Services
Give a special tariff to your members, e.g. a tariff without basic fee or a cheaper price per hour. Give Special Services to members with chipcards such as free drinks, or special prices for other offers in your cafe! Your member cards will be in great demand!

Find an advertising partner for the back side of the cards
Look for a local advertising partner who wants to place his advertisement on the back side of the cards, e.g. a local pizza-service, club, restaurant, local businesses and stores etc.)

Bill food and drinks with the smart cards
The smartcards can also be used for the billing of food and drinks in your cafe directly onto the member account.

Handle cash at the cashpoint only
The member cards can be used for billing at the PC´s and for food and drinks in your cafe - this means cashless payment everywhere in your cafe. The only time your customers and your staff need to handle cash is at the cashpoint to load up credit on the cards (this can be automated with a special module, see Special Modules)

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